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Thoughtfully produced leather goods with an understated style in mind


About Weald Living

Weald is a fashion accessories label that makes high quality leather bags using traditional techniques. Keeping a close eye on the details, integrity is hand stitched into each and every bag we make - no factories or sewing machines are used in the making. Classic, functional and long-lasting, we create timeless designs that you'll love for a lifetime.

Our story begins with our founder Sarah's own fruitless search for the perfect bag. A maker at heart, Sarah decided there was only one thing for it: she made her own. After being repeatedly asked by friends where they could lay their hands on one, Weald was born. From her seaside base in Leigh-on-sea, England, Sarah's creative touch flows through all stages of the making process, from design to finishing.

The business has grown but Sarah continues to oversea the quality of everything we produce: each handmade design is made from the best Italian leather and finished to Sarah's exacting standards of craftsmanship

Sarah's Story

After graduating with a law degree Sarah started working at a charity supporting people with learning disabilities/ A self-taught dressmaker and pattern cutter, she'd always made her own clothes. But it was when she made her first bag that a spark was lit in her. She knew she needed to take this passion further and quit her job to make Weald a reality.

Sarah's workshop studio is in her attic at home. With the skylights open and the sound of birdsong in the background, she finds she loses herself in the making for hours at a time.

"For me, it's a labour of love. When I'm not making, it doesn't feel right." says Sarah. "It's a chance to be defined not as a mum or a wife, but just be me. When I'm making bags, I'm unwinding and relaxing, free from the everyday stresses of life."

Sarah says that even after selling thousands of bags, she still gets a buzz of excitement, when she sees a Weald bag out in the wild. "That's a great feeling" she says

In addition to running Weald, Sarah has two young children and is co-founder of Leigh-on-sea's favourite artisan coffee shop, Barlow & Fields.

Making bags: a passion for slow fashion

At the heart of Weald is a simple philosophy. We aim to craft high quality, long-lasting creations through careful and quiet means of production: "slow fashion", the antithesis of the disposable, mass-produced ethos of many high street brands.

We always try to minimise the environmental impact of our products by creating bags that are not only built to last but also improve with age. Sustainability is key. No leather is wasted in the production process: our off-cuts are used by other designers.

Our bags appeal to those consumers who value classic design and craftsmanship over fleeting fads. Not looking to compete with the big brands, we concentrate on what we do best: classic designs made-by-hand with lots of love and attention.

Weald's designs are timeless and our 'free repairs for life' guarantee means they can be truly treasured and passed on to friends and family,something we adore.

Bags are either press cut by Mick in Leicester or hand cut by Sarah in Leigh-on-sea, where bags are also prepped, stitched and finished by hand. Straps are cut, edge dyed and finished in Dalston, east London

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